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CoworkingEU: Notes from Session Co-Learning

At the Coworking Europe Conference we took the chance to host a session at the 2nd day, the Unconference-Day. Since we are keen to exchange experiences with other Coworking Spaces, we offered a discussion round about Co-Learning. What offers do other Coworking Spaces have, which activities are they doing to foster education and knowledge as well as collaboration and community. About 15 people joined our group and we had an interesting exchange. Many different approaches were mentioned, e.g. having a Coworking Space in the countryside with dedicated workshop offers for co-learning as well as coworking and co-living. Others do internal training for staff and let their staff then educate the coworkers or they offer workshops with a pay-what-you-can-effort pricing scheme. We thank all participants for their input and the good discussion. As promised here are the notes from the session: