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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a coworking space?

I’ve been asked that question recently on the Wundernova Platform from our Coworkers and this is my answer:

I think it would be a very good option for you to join a Coworking Community. There will be a lot of advantages. You can work in a creative environment. Many spaces are well equipped with desks, chairs, Wifi, meeting rooms, leisure areas, kitchen, coffee, drinks which is much better then your small desk in your sleeping room. In a Coworking Space you can do your work without distractions that might exist at home. At home you’ll lose social contact, you would procrastinate, rather watch TV or do the dishes then actually doing your work. If you have family it might disturb your workflow as well.

Going to a Coworking Space helps you to organize your day. Getting up, going out to do your job and also having a moment where you leave the space and have leisure time. But most important: In a Coworking Space you’ll find a community of likeminded people. There will be folks you can talk to, discuss your ideas, get help and exchange. Most Coworking Spaces also host events and meetups, where you can discuss and learn about special topics. All this will help you grow your business.

There might be disadvantages as well: If you have to talk on your phone a lot, a Coworking Space isn’t the right place for you. If the space is crowded and a lot of people are talking it can be noisy. Some Spaces offer Flex-Desks which meens it could happen that there are no more desks available when you arrive.

What I absolutely recommend to you is to try out Coworking. Most spaces offer a test day for free so you can dive in the atmosphere and check out if it is suitable for you.

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